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The United Arab Emirates is a real haven for shopaholics. People from all over the world come here for shopping.

Here you will find numerous large, modern shopping malls, exclusive shops and, of course, bazaars with their unique atmosphere. And this is accompanied with the attractive prices. Shopping in the UAE will give you a lot of positive emotions.

Come to Dubai in a sale period if you want to buy quality goods and save maximum money. At that time, you can buy fashionable clothes and brand name cosmetics and get up to 70-80% off!

In addition to the attractive sales, shopping malls also conduct lotteries, draws of valuable gifts, and entertain buyers with show programmes: competitions, concerts, performances, etc. Entertainment programmes during the sale periods, as well as everything else in the UAE, are organized at the highest level. So you will stock up good mood in addition to pleasant shopping.

When do the sale periods take place in the UAE?

Traditionally, shopping malls organise complete sales in summer (June-July) and in winter (January-February). Exact dates vary depending on the year and the Emirate. Information on upcoming sale periods is usually provided at least six months before the starting date. You can easily find it on the Internet and plan your shopping tour in Dubai or other Emirate of the UAE.

What to buy and where?

Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah are considered to be the best cities for shopping in the United Arab Emirates. The huge sales take place not only in shopping malls but also in small shops and even on the bazaars. There are numerous shopping malls in the UAE. More than 30 large shopping malls are located in Dubai.

During the sale periods, one can get a great deal almost on everything, ranging from clothes and cosmetics to household appliances and even cars. Such popular brands as Zara, Hermes, Bugatti, Tiffany and Versace offer discounts of up to 80% to attract more consumers. No woman is able to withstand such generosity!

The purchase of fur coats in the UAE is a separate issue. They are considered to be the best value for money. For example, a fashionable mink coat costs only about 2 thousand dollars. Shops selling luxury furs are mainly focused in NASSER SQUARE in Dubai. You can also go to the famous fur store in Sharjah to buy a fur coat.

By the way, in Nasser Square, you can also buy a powerful laptop, smartphone and other electronic appliances 25-50% cheaper than at your place.

The purchase of jewellery is profitable during the sale period. There is a huge choice of golden jewellery in Dubai. Besides, you can strike a bargain in every shop or boutique and get an additional 30-50% off.

What is also worth buying during the sale? Choose from a wide range of household appliances, perfumery products, beauty products, Oriental spices and seasonings, kitchenware, carpets, and souvenirs. You definitely will not come back home empty-handed.

Enjoy your shopping and have a good time in the UAE!

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