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The United Arab Emirates is a country with a tropical climate. Therefore, winters are mild while summers are hot and sunny. Most of the rainfalls in the UAE take place during the winter months. Rains can sometimes be extremely intense. The average temperature in January is from 19.5 degrees Celsius to 36.5 degrees. And how about snow in the UAE and the Middle East?

Snow in the UAE

Snow in the UAE is a rarity. Up to 10 cm of snow can fall in the mountains of Ras-al-Khaimah. The air temperature reaches –5°C. In 2009, 20 centimeters of snow fell in the mountains of Ras-al-Khaimah. This kind of weather is so rare for the region that the local dialect contains almost no words to describe it.

Snow in the UAE – news

Mount Jebel Jais, one of the highest peaks in the UAE, became the subject of great media attention once again. One could recently see a heading: "Snow in the UAE – news." The area around the mountain has turned into a real winter wonderland, which is very uncommon for this region. According to the reports of the National Center of Meteorology and Seismology of the United Arab Emirates, on Friday, February 2, the temperature in the UAE fell up to –5°C due to the winds from the north and west. It started snowing.

Many people decided to climb the mountain to witness this remarkable phenomenon with their own eyes. The main access road to Jabal Jais was blocked. A huge number of people from the residents of the UAE wanted to look at snow. This February has become the coldest month in the UAE and the Middle East for many years. Photos and videos of snowmen and sleds on Mount Jebel Jais were all over the Internet and social networks. Enter the query "Snow in the UAE video," and you will see numerous happy people against the background of magnificent landscapes.

Snow in Dubai

In February, temperatures fell throughout the country. Gusts of wind reached up to 80 km/h. Air temperature also fell in the Middle East, and namely in Iran and northern Oman. There was no snow in Dubai, but city residents witnessed unusually strong waves, which created some difficulties for traffic. As a precaution, the authorities had to cancel some of the events planned as a part of the "Tour of Dubai" bike ride.

Snow in the UAE 2017

Snow in the Jebel Jais mountain area is an annual phenomenon. 2017 was no exception. There was snow in the UAE in 2017, and the air temperature reached –2.2°C. Snow in the UAE in 2017 attracted a lot of local residents. Snow in the UAE in 2017 became an excellent occasion to have fun and to do something unusual. For many people, snow in the UAE in 2017 was an opportunity to see it for the first time. Snow in the UAE in 2016 fell in the Ras-al-Khaimah area.

One could see a lot of photos and pictures with a hashtag "snow in the UAE 2016" in social networks. A search query "snow in the UAE video" will help you to find some funny videos dating back to 2016 and 2017. Snow in the UAE in 2016 fell in the area of Mount Jebel Jais. 2018 also pleased the local residents with a winter wonderland. The rarity of this phenomenon makes it a kind of a sensation on the territory of the UAE and the countries of the Middle East. Snow in the UAE in 2017, as well as snow in the UAE in 2016, has become a memorable event for many.

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