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The Dubai megalopolis is the real oriental fairy tale, it is one of the most beautiful modern cities in the UAE, where the old customs are closely intertwined with the cutting-edge solutions and innovative technologies. Another characteristic feature of the United Arab Emirates is the year-round climate, which is favorable for beach vacation. The UAE, among the countries of the Middle East, is considered one of the hottest countries, especially in the summer periods.

It is no wonder that the local entrepreneurs come up with the interesting ideas about creating real ice shelters for protection from the scorching heat. In this article we will tell you about the coldest places in Dubai, where not only foreign visitors and tourists, but also locals can cool with pleasure and to dip in the cool atmosphere. Let's start our review with an ice cafe, which is located in Dubai.

Ice cafe in Dubai

It is great temptation, in 40-degree heat, to find oneself in a place with temperatures down to 6 degrees Celsius. It is incredibly, but possibly in Dubai, in the Chillout Ice Cafe. It is here that guests and tourists can immerse themselves in this unusual environment and to relax from the exhausting heat.

The uniqueness of the project is that almost everything is made of ice here. Furniture, walls, paintings on the walls and even the lighting elements are made of crystal ice. You will be surprised with the interior finish and the interior of the establishment, which is decorated with ice cubes and balloons, ice sculptures with original lighting, which constantly changes and creates the illusion of a magical snowy kingdom.

You will be asked to make an order, choosing drinks and meals from the menu, which is carved on the ice plates, it is noteworthy that the utensils, glasses and plates are also made of ice. Guests can be not afraid to catch a cold or to freeze in an ice cafe. Each visitor is provided with warm fur hats and clothes, and chairs in the cafe are covered with special mats of thick fur. In a pinch, you can always order a hot drink, such as traditional Arabic coffee. To avoid injuries on the icy floor, it is sprinkled with a special compound that increases the abrasion, so it is impossible here to slip and fall.

It is worth noting that the one-time visit of the ice cafe lasts not more than 40 minutes and will cost 60 Dirhams for each visitor. There is no lack of visitors of the ice cafe, not only adults but also children like to spend time here. And in the recent years, the ice cafe has become very popular for family rest.

Ski resort in Dubai

Incredibly, but until quite recently few could even imagine that it is possible to build a real ski resort in the midst of a desert. But the modern technologies and achievements in the field of engineering allow to implement the most incredible projects. And the main proof is the ski resort in the heart of the Dubai megalopolis.

The Ski Dubai complex is the unique ski resort in the entire Middle East. Foreign tourists and visitors are amazed by the scale of the Ski Dubai complex. The territory of the complex is more than 20 thousand square meters and its capacity is more than 1.5 thousand people. Steep slopes, which heights reach hundreds of meters, are created for the funs of winter sports.

Speaking about the technical part of the project, we can say that the resort ski Dubai is, in fact, a huge refrigerating chamber. The special air cooling system provides the constant temperature in the area of 1-2 Degrees below zero. Besides, the entire complex is covered with a layer of real snow, which is produced by the special devices. The thickness of the layer in some places reaches 70 cm. It is noteworthy that tens of thousands of tons of snow are produced daily. Thereby, the ideal conditions for sledding, snowboarding and skiing are created.

All the necessary equipment and outfit can be rented here. And the professional instructors are working for the beginners. The complex offers visitors not only the opportunity to ride on the mountainside. Except that here there are five separate ski slopes, there is a huge playground for children, where they can enjoy plenty of snow entertainments. Your kids will be offered snow slides and ice caves. In Ski Dubai ice slopes, snow caves and much more is waiting for your kinds.

The complex is located in the shopping mall, where there are numerous cafes and restaurants, shops and souvenir boutiques. You can have no doubts that everyone, regardless of age, will find an entertainment to his liking. You can climb on a special lookout tower, where the whole complex will be clearly visible. You can comfortably spend time with a cup of a traditional Arabic coffee watching dizzying descents.

Skating rink in Dubai

Dubai skating rink is one of the few places in the United Arab Emirates, where you can escape from the heat. The unique climate-control system, which provides comfortable temperature, is available here. That is why there are more and more people who want to spend a family vacation or enjoy ice-skating here.

The skating rink in Dubai is designed in accordance with the international standards and has a standard Olympic size. It allows to hold in this ice arena a variety of competitions and international sports events, starting from the demonstration programs in figure skating and up to the hockey championships. The ice arena is equally attractive for both professional athletes and amateurs. The skating rink is open all the year round and is affordable to the broader population.

At present, in the UAE, it is the largest and a high-grade skating rink. Owing to the modern technologies and the mechanical ingenuity of the builders, an incredible opportunity to ride on the ice in 40-degree heat became available to the thousands of visitors.

It is worth noting that there are several more indoor ice arenas on the territory of the Emirate of Dubai. We offer a brief overview of them:

  • Dubai Mighty Camels: it is a multiple-purpose entertainment complex where visitors can also skate. There is also a special section for the fans of hockey battles.
  • Galleria Ice Rink: this ice arena is the great opportunity to get skating lessons from the best masters. It offers professional instructors not only for groups, but also for individual lessons.
  • Arabian Center: a skating rink, designed for beginners and amateurs, is located in this shopping mall. The qualified instructors will be working with you, and skates can be rented. A professional coach will help you to create the best program for individual lessons. After the training you can sit with friends in a cozy cafe and share the received excitements.


In a country, where the hot Sun shines all the year round, there is always the opportunity to feel the snowy cool and to relax from overheating. Safe and fun atmosphere, a festive mood and a lot of positive emotions are the only small part of what is waiting for you in the ice establishments of the UAE. The UAE does not cease to amaze the whole world with the incredible projects that the country has managed to bring to life. And the ice arenas and skating rinks in the vast expanses of the desert are the true evidence of it.

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