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Had you ever seen huge piles of blue sea crabs, giant shrimps and one-metre-long king mackerels, carcasses of sharks and other predators of the underwater world? If not, we invite you to the fish market in Dubai. The trade area of the market occupies a vast territory on the quay in Deira and is directly adjacent to the Al Shindagha tunnel.

For those tourists and foreign guests who prefer fish and seafood it is recommended to visit the fish market in Dubai in the morning. At that time you will have the opportunity to buy the freshest seafood on the morning coolness, not becoming exhausted from the sun and heat.

Fish market in Dubai as an important component of urban life

As the fish market in Dubai is not an entertainment or a tourist establishment, and serves purely for meeting the requirements of local residents, tourists have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the traditional and daily life of the Arab people. While visiting the market, do not forget that you are on the Arabic Bazaar and should bargain well, in order to make a reasonably priced purchase.

In its current state, the market had begun its existence in the late 80-ies of the last century. It should be noted that since the opening the market, its activity has never been stopped, the fish and seafood selling is daily, and cargo ships which are full of fish are unloaded from 5 a.m. According to the statistics, over 500 tons of seafood and fish products pass through the fish market every day.

The assortment of the market is not restricted to the local representatives of the underwater world. In addition to sardines, emperor fish and perch which are caught in local waters, here you can buy excellent Thai tuna, Norwegian salmon or Canadian scallops. Besides, here you can always buy fresh vegetables, frozen meat and different grains at the best prices.

How to reach the fish market in Dubai

To reach the fish market you can use the public transport, in particular:

  • Shuttle buses C5, 55, 4, 31, 53 - bus stop GOLD SOUQ, C1, X13, C18 - bus stop KHALEEJ ROAD;
  • Underground – MGRN line, the PALM DEIRA station.

As it was mentioned above, the fish market in Dubai is not a tourist attraction, that’s why there are no excursion trips there. But still guests and tourists can find there a lot of interesting and remarkable things. Moreover, there is a Museum on the territory of the fish market, in which the rare exhibits and the entire history of the industry is represented.

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