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The Gold Souk in Dubai is not only a grand and unique project, first of all it is a place for selling precious metals, which is known all over the world. The popularity of the Dubai gold market on the international level is proved by the fact that all the world-renowned manufacturers of jewelry products and international companies which are engaged in selling gold and other precious metals are represented here.

The international experts and analysts note the incredible flood and the development of the market of precious metals in Emirates, sale of gold is gaining enormous volumes. The striking and vivid example of such increase is the Gold Souk in Dubai.

Golden Souk Dubai: international jewellery retail space

Every year millions of foreign visitors and tourists, as if spellbound, come to Dubai to visit the Gold Souk. Such a magnificence and luxury charms everyone. Let’s try to gain an understanding of what is this market in itself and what are the reasons of its popularity.

The Gold Souk is located in the heart of the modern Dubai city district Deira and is the part of the famous shopping district Nasser Square. It may without any doubt be said that that it is one of the largest retail spaces in the world, which is specialized in the trading of precious metals. In addition to the gold, the market presents a large assortment of a various adornments with precious stones. Pearls, brilliants and emeralds merge into a single entity in its rich diversity and splendor.

A great variety of counters and shops, on the showcases of which you will be offered different adornments and real jewelry masterpieces for every budget and taste, proves that you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. You can have no doubt that your sweetheart will appreciate a gift purchased in the UAE. The jewelry of the Gold Souk is the guaranteed originals and with high quality production, whereby the sales prices are lower than the prices of the similar products in, for example, Europe.

How to get to the Gold Souk in Dubai

It is possible to take a trip on the famous gold market in the United Arab Emirates in several different ways, in particular with the:

  • Taxi, which can be requested at a hotel, at special parking lots or you can just catch it on the street. This is the most convenient way, but you need to consider your location and the distance to the market, if you are far away, it may be wise to use public transport;
  • The underground. You need to ride the green metro line up to the Al Ras station, and then to go to the Gold Souk by foot.

Golden Souk Dubai or the Gold market is a vivid example of the financial success and prosperity of the United Arab Emirates. This eastern miracle is worth visiting at least to feel the atmosphere of success and prosperity.

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