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Most of the territory of the UAE is covered by sandy deserts or occupied by the seaside. There are many wonderful places to relax on the sea, but how about mountains in the OAE? There are some. The mountains on the map of the UAE are located near the border with Oman in the eastern part of the country.

Mountains in the UAE – Jebel Al Hajar

The mountains of the UAE are situated in the northern and eastern parts of the Emirates. To the east of the Emirate of Dubai in the UAE, there are Al Hajar Mountains which replace a familiar desert landscape. The Jebel Al Hajar mountains are bare rocky peaks consisting mainly of basaltic rocks and rising above the sea level for up to 1,934 meters (Jabal Yibir). They are the highest mountains in the eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula. Why are the mountains in the UAE so low? Located in Oman and the UAE, the mountains of Hajar are geologically the youngest mountain formations in the world. This circumstance explains the fact that there are mountains in the UAE, which have almost no vegetative cover.

Despite the fact that the climate of the region is arid, there are rains here, and the water draining from the mountain plateau often forms picturesque canyons. Sometimes these streams form small mountain lakes with tropical vegetation running wild.

The query "UAE Mountain Sights" will give you information about the local resort of Hatta, where tourists can visit one of the oldest mosques in Arabia called Juma. Why do so many tourists visit the UAE? People are attracted by these dispassionate views of mountains with oases, dried up riverbeds, an interesting and distinctive animal world, numerous barchans and clean air. Trips to the desert are very popular – one can enjoy a variety of landscapes here.

Jebel Hafeet Mountain

Do the mountains of the UAE have tourist potential? Yes, Mount Jebel Hafeet on the map of the UAE is located on the border with Oman and is the second highest mountain in the UAE. It attracts crowds of tourists since it is included in the list of candidates for UNESCO's natural wonders. The mountains in the UAE that used to be the sea hide a lot of traces of the seabed – fossils, skeletons of ancient fish, sea animals and corals. It is a real find for geologists and paleontologists.

The main landscape of the Emirates of Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah in the UAE is the mountains. The most famous attractions of Jebel Hafeet mountain are geothermal hot springs with great infrastructure for a pleasant and healthy stay. Mount Jebel Hafeet often becomes the choice of the cyclists, because of a unique 12-kilometer mountain road-serpentine. Here, there is a popular snow track, the length of which comprises 2.6 kilometers. Tourists can climb the Jebel Hafeet mountain both in winter and summer.

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