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The national flag of the UAE

Article image: The national flag of the UAE

The country United Arab Emirates has emerged in year 1971. Ae the same time with the creation of the country, the national flag, one of its most important country’s symbols, was adopted. The locals honor it and are very proud of it, considering it to be the embodiment of the wealth of their homeland, the beauty of its nature and power of the spirit of its citizens.

The national symbol of the UAE represents the rectangular shape with a length to width ratio 2:1. The flag is divided into 4 stripes: 3 horizontal and 1 vertical which is located near the flagpole. The vertical strip is painted in bright red color, the upper horizontal strip is green, the middle is white and the lower is black.

The symbolism of the national flag of the UAE

The colors of the UAE flag symbolize the stages of development of the country and embody the pride and endurance of the Arab people.

The vertical red strip, which is at the flagpole of the flag, is the proud glorification of the spirit and the extraordinary power of the population of the United Arab Emirates. The red color represents the foundation on which the moral and political norms, which are treasured up in the heart of every citizen of the UAE, are based.

The horizontal strip of green color is the symbol of Islam, its great power and significance for the citizens of the country. The Islamic religion plays the key role in the lives of the Arabs. For them it is the answer to many questions, it builds up and forms the national character. The green color also embodies the youthfulness, strength and power of nature, which is quite unkind and mighty in the UAE.

The white strip, which is below the green one, is the embodiment of the tolerance and purity. These particular features are priority for residents of the Emirates. They are unquestioningly followed and passed from generation to generation.

The black horizontal strip on the flag of the UAE is a symbol of the material wealth of the state. Petroleum is sometimes called the «Black gold», it had played a key role in the development of the country. It had made it possible for the UAE to achieve such a high level of economic development which the Emirates can boast of today. The UAE, under its national flag, demonstrates the grandiose achievements of engineering and construction thought, enrapturing and astonishing guests from the other countries.

The UAE Flag Day

It is one of the most respected and beloved holidays of the citizens of the United Arab Emirates. It is celebrated on the 6th of November. On that day the ruler Rashid al Maktoum had ordered to raise solemnly the national flags on all the public institutions, schools, houses and other buildings in a sign of unity of the state.

The UAE celebrates the holiday of its national symbol in the large scale – that day the whole country is full of four colors: red, black, white and green.

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