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Transport in the UAE and the whole transport network in general have reached a considerably new level in recent years and is one of the most advanced in the Middle East. Today the largest international harbours and air ports of the whole region are concentrated here. However, the local transportation means are considered to be the basis of the Emirates transport network. The taxis and UAE public transport are in the first place.

Transport in the UAE – special conditions and development prospects

It happened so that the United Arab Emirates is located at the intersection of the economic and industrial arteries between Europe and the West, Africa and Asia. This advantage of the geographical position has turned the United Arab Emirates into the international financial and economic centre. International experts note that the government has managed to create a rather well-developed transport infrastructure. In addition to harbours and air ports, the Emirates can boast its modern telecommunications.

On account of the fact that almost the entire area of the country is land, the water transport is being rarely used for movement within the country. However, this type of movement is widely applicable in the water area of the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. These features led to the active development of the road network. It should be noted that construction of highways is highly developed in the UAE.

Public Transport in the UAE

As to the public transport in the United Arab Emirates, it is mostly represented by the bus service. The local bus fleets are focused on the transportation of passengers within the country. These include communication between the tourist attractions and shopping malls, hotel transfers and trunk traffic. There is a route taxi service, which provides passengers with better comfort.

Speaking about the UAE public transport, we cannot but mention the Dubai Metro, which was opened at the end of 2009. The Dubai Metro is the fourth project in the Middle East. The Government of the Emirate is continually working on expansion of the underground railway system.

Taxis in the UAE as the Most Popular Means of Transport

The locals and foreign visitors use a taxi as a preferable means of transport in the United Arab Emirates. It can be both public and private taxi companies. The cost of boarding and travel in a city taxi depends on the time of day and duration of the travel. In addition, while calculating the fare, local taxi drivers take into account the number of traffic jams on the chosen direction.

The exotic-lovers can take a water taxi and make a fascinating sea trip. This service is very popular in the coastal cities. Water taxi or “Abra” is a traditional boat used for the purpose of internal water transportation. This is not only an original tourists attraction, but also a possibility to get anywhere without any traffic jams, and to combine the trip with a fascinating voyage.


The United Arab Emirates, being a highly developed country, have realized large-scale national projects. The ability to combine the age-old traditions and advanced scientific and technical experience has provided the Emirates with a high level of development and stable national economy. The transport network of the UAE is not an exception and develops alongside with the other economic sectors of the state.

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