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The best option for having fun when enjoying vacation in the United Arab Emirates is to visit a aqua park. Aqua parks, as well as other entertainment facilities in the UAE, are stunning in terms of scope. Both children and adults will receive plenty of positive impressions. Are you looking for holiday destination for your family or for a place to stay with friends? Make sure you visit aqua park - unforgettable experience and a lot of fun are in abundance here.

Popular aqua parks in the UAE

There are various water parks in the United Arab Emirates. Some 6 largest ones are described below:

  • Wild Wadi

    Wild Wadi Aquapark is deemed the best theme park in the Middle East. It is located in Dubai, close to one the most world‘s famous hotels Burj Arab, designed in the form of the sail. Wild Wadi is a large water city, imitating a mountain river Wadi. Visitors of the park may enjoy 23 attractions, each having its own legend related to the great navigator Sinbad.

  • Aquaventure

    Aquaventure is the most modern water park in the United Arab Emirates, designed on an artificial island Palm Jumeirah on the territory of a five star hotel Atlantis. Architectural landmark of the Park is the Tower Ziggurat, having the design of ancient buildings of Mesopotamia. One of the most extreme water park amusement rides is The Leap of Faith. It constitutes a 28 m tower, from the top whereof the visitors are first catapulted into a glass tunnel and then across the lagoon with sharks.

  • Ice Land

    This is one of the best places for a family holiday, located just 45 minutes from Dubai in Ras al-Khaimah. Waterpark reflects the nature of the Arctic with its snow-capped mountains, rivers, waterfalls and penguins. This is the place where you can find Penguin Falls - the largest artificial waterfall the height of which constitutes 36.5 m

  • Dreamland

    Dreamland aqua park accommodates more than a hundred amusement rides. There is also an area for camping, where you can arrange a picnic and stay at night, having rented a tent or cabin for quite competitive price.

  • Wonderland

    Wonderland Park deserves to be called the best place for water entertainment activities in the Gulf. It consists of three parts: central street, water park Spleshlend and theme park.

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