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Subtropical dry climate is dominated in the United Arab Emirates, which is why rainfall here is a rare thing. Rainfall are mainly during winter months, however, on the whole winter here it is short and mild. The summer months are characterized by intense heat and complete absence of rainfall.

Water temperature in the United Arab Emirates

  • Winter season in Dubai - average water temperature can be up to 21-22 degrees Celsius which is considered by residents of Dubai as incredibly cold water. During winter may happen couple of cloudy days; these days the minimum temperature of water can reach 20 degrees Celsius. However, it will not become an obstacle for fans of water recreation. There are numerous pools with heated water at your disposal;
  • Spring season in Dubai - general temperature during spring begin to rise, so the minimum water temperature may be 21 degrees Celsius and in average 23 degrees Celsius. Cloudy days are rare, the sun caresses sunbathing tourists. It is woth to note that especially at spring season popularity of beach holiday in Dubai increases;
  • Summer season in Dubai - average summer temperature of water in Dubai is 32 degrees Celsius; the minimum can reach 31 degrees Celsius respectively. There are almost no rains in summer and the sun is gaining maximum temperature. You can escape from unbearable heat in chilled pools or in the azure waters of the Gulf;
  • Autumn season in Dubai - average temperature during autumn period can be up to 31 degrees Celsius and the minimum can reach 30 degrees Celsius. Although in autumn weather remains relatively hot, but temperature is already falling. Autumn season is also very popular for tourists and visitors from the European region.
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