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What to buy in Dubai? Probably every tourist who had visited this wonderful country had asked himself this question. Surely, everyone wants to bring home nice souvenirs, which will remind you of sunny trip and a wonderful vacation in the long winter evenings. In the UAE you will find the most modern shopping malls where goods are delivered from all over the world. You may have no doubt as there is plenty to choose from.

Dubai as the international trade center

Despite the fact that the administrative capital of the Emirates is Abu Dhabi, the international shopping capital is the megalopolis Dubai. There are not only traditional Arabic goods, but also a great variety of goods from all over the planet to your attention here. So, what to buy in Dubai? Let's try to clear it up step by step.

Traditional Arabic food and drink

Undoubtedly, oriental sweets remain the most popular product in the UAE among all the goods. You should taste them and make sure that these are not those sweets which are offered in our homeland. You will be offered a plenty of fresh sweets, among of them: Turkish delight, Nougat, Dates, Baklava and Sherbet. Note the abundance of exotic fruits which are imported from neighboring countries.

As for drinks, a traditional Arabic coffee is worth trying. An excellent quality and a wide range of different grades of coffee are the main advantages of buying coffee in Dubai. You will be offered such grades of coffee which you had never tried before and probably will not have an opportunity to try later.

If you are fun of cooking, be sure to buy a various spices. It is not a secret that the attractiveness of Arabic cuisine is achieved through the usage of a great variety of spices and seasonings. In Dubai you can buy oriental spices and seasonings for all tastes.

Shoes and clothes

Among this items group fur coats are very popular among foreign visitors and tourists. It should be noted that fur coats are much cheaper here than in Europe. But you should exercise an extreme carefulness when choosing a product, and be sure to bargain as you will be able to make a real good deal.

In addition, you can buy the national Arabic clothing as a souvenir. Here you will find the most hyped global brands and trademarks. You will immediately notice the difference with the homeland brand shopping malls. The relatively low cost of goods, the vast territory of retail space and a huge range of products - this are the malls and shopping centers in Dubai. As for perfume products – United Arab Emirates are hard to compare with anything else – Arabic perfumes fascinate and do not leave anyone to be indifferent.

Electronics and household appliances

If you are thinking what to buy in Dubai for your house, the household appliances and electronics will be the great choice. For example, you can purchase the most up-to-date models of plasma TVs at a minimal cost. You will only need to cope with transportation of the oversized goods to your homeland.

It should be noted that modern devices and gadgets from the world famous producer “Apple” are very popular buy in UAE. It is worth noting that the new models appear here much earlier than in other countries, and their price will be a pleasant surprise for you.

Gifts and Souvenirs

As a souvenir you can buy either usual souvenirs or quite useful things. For example, a traditional Arabic coffee pot will be a great gift. The figurines of camels which are made of various materials are very popular among foreign visitors. It can be tiny figurines made of clay, pottery, rag or even gold.

Do you wish to buy a gift for your beloved? Then you definitely need to visit the Gold Souk in Dubai. Here you can purchase a various gold and silver jewelry which are decorated with precious stones and traditional ornament at very affordable prices.

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